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K1390 laser cutting machine
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K1390 laser cutting machine

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K1390 laser cutting machine is speciazed for non-metal materials cutting, this machine have the great power and high speed. Inside this machine we have many laser tubes, and this machine have different power, we manufacture it according to cutting different materials, and different cutting requirements. This style of machine we can exchange different tables.

Standard accessories

1.  1×Air Pump(installed inside the machine) for Air Assist (for blowing off debris as the laser  engrave or cut)

2.  1×Exhaust Fan with Tube ducts ( for extracting gases from the work area)

3.  1×Water pump

4.  1×USB Cable (connecting PC and laser)

5.  1×DVD (Including software, User manual, Guiding videos etc.)

6.  1×Power Cable

machine comparing CNC cutting machine VS laser cutting

machineCompared with the traditional knife and hot branding processing, laser is advanced CNC technology and a unique non-contact processing, working without any graphical limits and will not produce any mechanical deformation.


Laser processing has the advantages of high precision, high speed, no fraying, and high quality results. In addition, applicability of laser processing is more flexible.

Muti -function and wide application:Laser can do cutting, engraving, hollowing, punching and other processing for a variety of textile, fabrics, garment accessories, leather, fur, shoe, plush toy, home textile, upholstery, carpet, automotive interior, car seat cover, etc with all kinds of characters, graphs, images,LOGO,signs, trademarks etc..

Laser processing technology is more sophisticated, creative and unique.   

 Applicable Industries: Model Industry(construction models,aviation and navigation models and wooden toys), Advertisement, Billboards, Artistic gifts, Crystal ornaments, Paper-cut laser engraving machine, Bamboo embossment, Printing, Garments and leather, embroidery, Interior decoration and frame fabrication,etc.

Applicable Materials: Non-metal materials such as double-color sheets cutting and laser engraving machine, acrylic cutting and engraving, ceramic engraving, glass engraving, wood cutting and engraving, paper cutting, cloth cutting, leather cutting and engraving, rubber cutting and engraving, marble engraving, granite engraving and tiles engraving, etc



TYPE K-1390
Working area 1300*900(mm)
Laser power
Workinging speed 0-6400mm/min
Resolution ratio 0.025mm
Minimum shaping character Chinese Character:2mm  English Letter:1mm
Resetting Positioning accuracy ±0.1MM
Transmission Linear guide
 Operating humidity 0-45℃
 Operating humidity 5%-95%(free of condensed water)
Graphic format supported .BMP.GIF.JPEG.PCX.TGA.TIFF.PLT.CDR.DWG.DXF
Power supply AC220V±10%.50Hz/60Hz
Cooling method Water
Gross power <1100W
Net weight 250KG
Dimension (mm) 1900*1530*1100
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