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Big promotion from July to August 2016

Article Source: Popularity: Time:2016-07-28 17:39:23
Big promotion from July to August 2016
During the 3rd "WU LIN ZHENG BA" competition, there will be a big promotion in our company,client who buy the machines not only can get a discount price,also we will present some machine accessories as gifts,if you pay more than 30% deposit,there will be three option for gifts.
​1.focus lens and reflect mirrors,
2.laser power supply,
3.extend the warranty one month longer.
if you need any laser machines,pls hurry up,why not choose us.

  • 354C354C
  • 1325 (21)1325 (21)
  • 1390 (18)1390 (18)
  • 1390混切新款1390混切新款
  • minimini
  • fiber laser marking machine fiber laser marking machine
  • 354C
  • 1325 (21)
  • 1390 (18)
  • 1390混切新款
  • mini
  • fiber laser marking machine
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